53 handdrawn characters that give you access

to become member of the unique Oddly Family. 

About the Oddly Family

Nowadays, anyone can create NFT Collections.

There are many people who try to make money easily and quickly. We don’t think that’s the point of NFTs.

We think the point of NFTs is that you are proud to be one of the few owners of an NFT. You belong to an exclusive group. NFTs should be so special that they have the potential to become your profile picture. The Oddly Family is more than just a quickly generated collection. All characters are handdrawn with love and not just generated. That’s why there are not XXXX pieces, but 53 uniquedigital collectibles each with different traits.

Become part of the revolution, become member of our Oddly Family.

For more details about what we have planned, check our roadmap below.
For direct contact you can check out our Discord…


Those are just some of the things that we have planned and that we want to do with this NFT project. If the success allows it we plan to do even more things. Help us to make this roadmap to become true and make it only the beginning of an even bigger journey…







Solana is a much faster and cheaper network in comparison to Ethereum

Solana has great wallets for NFTs (e.g. Phantom or Slope)

At first, we concentrated on having a smooth start with the minting and listing of our collection. As we are just a small team this was not at the top of our agenda. Another reason was that we first wanted to check if the Oddly Family gets some attention from the community.

We believe that the strength of our Oddly Family NFT collection lies in its exclusivity. You have a real chance to get a printed version of your NFT + other surprises. That’s something no other NFT project can offer. Also, we wanted to do something different from the existing projects. And always remember that this is just our starting point!

No, this is the first version of the roadmap and it might be updated later with more things. But we wanted to have a version that we could stick to. One can always expand. And that’s why we decided to start with this roadmap.

Our biggest goal is to build a unique community that follows our decisions but even more helps us to find the right way for the Oddly Family. This is our first NFT project and we have plenty of things in mind. Let’s make this journey together!

Yes. But we promise that we will stick to our roots and put outstanding artwork, exclusivity and quality over money, soulless jpgs and boredom.

Thanks for You being part of the Oddly Family. 🙂

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